When we started the EZPZ Dropship Club it was with the desire to bring dropshipping success to sellers having tried, and tired of, dropshipping between Asia and North America. As dropshippers in Ohio, we understand the pain of getting a sale, and then waiting weeks for products to ship from Asia, and possibly dealing with a product nothing like the description. The results of which are massive amounts of bad feedback, refunds, and customer service issues.

This is why we decided to find wholesale sellers shipping FROM the US, and pre-vetted on the quality of their product. As an EZPZ Dropship member, we want you to be 100% assured that when you list and sell a product from one of our suppliers, you will get fast, fully tracked shipping, as well as supreme quality, giving your customer exactly what they wanted. Which means less hassle and more profit for you.

It’s really that simple. Join our EZPZ Dropship Club today and receive a personal discount code within minutes. The discount code can be used at ANY of our supplier websites. Simply make a sale, go to the supplier of your choice, and at check out use YOUR discount code and your buyer’s shipping information. Shipping info will be sent to you, ready to be passed along to your buyer. Your buyer pays retail, you get a HUGE discount, and the profit goes in your pocket!

We hope you enjoy your EZPZ Dropship Club membership as much as we enjoy hunting down the best suppliers and discounts for you!