Supplier Info Page

About EZPZ Dropship

What is EZPZdropship?

We connect USA shipped suppliers and retailers. As a supplier, your products will be listed on EZPZ for other online stores and dropshippers to sell. Retailers on EZPZ will add your products to their store through EZPZ. This way, EZPZ is a means for growing sales!

These retailers are looking for quality products shipped from the USA.

Why should I join EZPZ as a supplier?

Big Market for your Products

EZPZ has hundreds of retailers and every single one of them is looking for products that they can sell.
EZPZ is the site that connects your products to these retailers.

With EZPZ, you erase the need to apply to retailers one-by-one and create agreements with each one manually.

Free Marketing

Marketing can take a backseat- as these retailers will be promoting your products! In order to gain profits for their own store, retailers will be utilizing all forms of marketing- right from Facebook to emails, advertising your products to the max.

Sales hitting the roof

A few extra sales never caused any harm. Each product that is sold will bring you great profits, and a happy customer means a returning customer.

What type of products does EZPZ require?

EZPZ has a wide range of product niches to offer. We are open to many products categories as log as they are shipped from within the USA.

We would love to bring new and unique products onboard, regardless of the category!

Which countries do retailers sell in?

Currently we just require our suppliers ship from the USA. Most our retailers though offer so ship all over the world.

Again, we would love to add members from the EZPZ family from over the globe. If your products are the right fit for us, you are welcome to join our ever-growing team!

Becoming a EZPZ supplier

What are the requirements to join?

Considering EZPZ is a dropshipping platform, and we want to provide the best service in the market, there are certain prerequisites to joining EZPZ.

  1. You will need to offer a discount on your products. This discounted cost on your products is the incentive they will have to stock your products. EZPZ recommends 30-50%
  2. You will need to offer a flat shipping fee for domestic and international orders with tracking. If you have different rates for different regions that can be broadly differentiated- such as Europe, South America, South East Asia, East Asia, that will be the best. You can have different shipping rates for different products based on the size and weight of the product- that is no issue.
  3. Suppliers products must ship from within the USA with tracking.
  4. Pictures with white background preferred.
  5. The processing and shipping times must be followed. We want to provide a smooth service to our users, and make sure you receive sales from the customer more than once- and accurate shipping times would guarantee that!
  6. Must add our month member discount code to your backend by the 27th of the month.
  7. Regular updates on any low inventory you may have.
  8. No personal marketing materials invoices in shipments.
  9. Must provide product CSV for upload.
  10. Processing time for shipments must be 24-72hrs.

Where do I apply?

The first step to becoming a supplier on EZPZ is filling out the contact form. An account manager will then reach out to you with the further steps!

How do I get my products listed on EZPZ?

We will ask you to provide us a products CSV that will be used to import all your products to EZPZ and get your initial account setup.

 I have filled out the EZPZ application, what will happen next?

  • One of our team members will get back to you within 24-48hrs for setup.

 Do I have to list all my products or I can list a subset of them?

You can choose the products you wish to list on EZPZ, which can be a subset of all the products you sell outside of EZPZ. You can select the products you want to offer to EZPZ and send us a CSV of these!

 How do orders come in?

Retailers will come directly to your website and checkout as normal using the EZPZ unique monthly code.

 What revenue will I receive?

You get paid INSTANTLY because our dropshipers order directly from your website.

  How much discount do I need to offer the retailers, to sell on EZPZ?

The more, the better!

We ask you to provide at least 30-50% discount off your regular retail price. We believe that 30% is a minimum margin to offer the retailers on EZPZ.

The most successful suppliers are the ones that can offer 40% + discount as the higher profit margin attracts more retailers to market and sell their products.

 Are there any hidden transaction costs that I should be aware of?

No! There are no hidden transaction costs.

 What if I want to stop selling my products on EZPZ?

In case you want to cancel your association with us, you will have to inform us at least 2 weeks prior. In this time, we will carry out the procedure of disabling your products and inform our retailers to stop carrying your products. All orders received till the expiration of the 2 weeks will have to be fulfilled by you. We will send you a message when you have been completely erased from our data, upon which you can cease to fulfill EZPZ orders.

 How will the returns be handled?

No returns or buyer’s remorse. Suppliers are only responsible for exchange/returns off damaged or wrong products shipped.

How much does EZPZ cost me?

The best part is- EZPZ is free of charge for the onboard launch! You can simply add your products to our inventory and begin selling. We take zero commissions from orders and you receive the entire product cost and shipping! It is a transparent system- and there are no losses here!

 Can I sell customizable products on EZPZ?

We currently do not support product customization.‍


Is it mandatory to offer International shipping?

Simple answer-no! You can choose where you want your products to ship, but make sure to clarify these details before getting onboard! You can restrict shipping to domestic regions too.

 What does flat rate shipping mean on EZPZ?

To make it easy for retailers to decide on profit margin & marketing budget, we require our suppliers to provide a flat rate shipping fee based on the type of the product and region it is being shipped too. This allows the retailer to analyze and mark-up the products as needed.

 I have products of various sizes, how can I set shipping rates for those?

That is not a problem at all! Once your product listings are imported to EZPZ, we will work with you to set varying shipping rates based on size of the order and geographic location where it is shipping too. To make it easier, you can provide us a list of your major product categories, and shipping rate per category per geographic area. We will set that up for you when your account is being setup to let our dropshippers know this.

 Who covers custom and taxes within EZPZ?

EZPZ does not handle any customs or taxes. They are covered by the end customer at the time of the purchase


 How can I add my new collection to EZPZ?

Just like we added your products initially, we can add your new collection to EZPZ using your products CSV. Just send a message with the CSV for the new collection and our tech team will get those products added to your account within 24-72 hours.

 How can I update/delete my inventory?

We will need updates on the stock bi-weekly- so that orders do not have to be cancelled due to unavailability. Also, if you decide to disable a product, please inform us immediately. We will let our retailers know.

If you wish to disable a product due to it being out of stock, or because you stopped offering it just let your account rep know.